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[WKF 2019] Empowerment by AI: Opening the Door to Greater Possibilities for the Mankind│Doranda Doo



Today AI has become an essential momentum for diverse technological advancements which are opening up greater possibilities and benefits for the mankind. Our life is being transformed by AI in two fundamental aspects: First, AI is changing the way humans and machines interact with each other. Instead of typing on keyboards, people will interact using their voices in far-field on mobile and screenless devices in the era of Internet of Everything (IoE). Second, AI will assist us to deal with simple and repetitive tasks by learning knowledge and know-how from the top human experts. And now, here comes the third tide of AI development, in which AI will be applied more broadly in our lives. The year 2019 is noted as the year of large-scale AI applications. In the future, AI will profoundly blend in and be widely applied in different industries to improve and upgrade almost all aspects of businesses. iFLYTEK, as one of China’s “national team” of AI and the largest public AI & speech technology company in Asia-Pacific Region, will play an active role in the advancement of AI implementation in the current AI era.


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