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[WKF 2018] The Neuroscience of Storytelling in Business(2) | Carmen Simon



Session: The Neuroscience of Storytelling in Business(2)Speaker: Carmen Simon (Founder of Memzy, Cognitive Neuroscientist)0:07 How about Cognitive?5:58 How about Affective?#CarmenSimon #CognitiveNeuroscientist #StorytellingThere has been so much hype lately on the impact of storytelling in business communication. We keep hearing the buzz about the brain being wired for stories. We know the importance of setting, character, and action. And we realize that while bullet lists make communication efficient, it's the emotion behind a story that counts. This is why we devour news, novels, and movies. We know all this. But there is so much more. For example, not all stories are created equal. While we tout the “memorability” factor of stories, the human brain can forget them. How many stories do you really remember from the past week? To influence others’ action, we must ask: What makes a story memorable? And what is the optimal amount of narrative we can use, especially when we communicate scientific and technical information? After all, we want to be memorable and credible. Join this keynote to find out the latest brain science research on storytelling and how to best apply it to influence others in business settings.