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[WKF 2018] “Brain” on a Chip | HongKun Park



Session: “Brain” on a ChipSpeaker: HongKun Park (Harvard University, Professor)2:04 Map of the Brain6:24 Where are we going?#BMI #brainchip #HongKun ParkBrain-machine interfaces (BMIs) are devices that enable direct communication/translation between biological neuronal networks (e.g. a brain or a spine) and external machines. They are currently being used as a tool for fundamental neuroscience research and also for treating neurological disorders and for manipulating neuro-prosthetic devices. As remarkable as today’s BMIs are, however, the next generation BMIs will require new hardware and software with improved resolution and specificity in order to precisely monitor and control the activities of complex neuronal networks. In this talk, I will describe my research group’s effort to develop new high-precision interface to biological neuronal networks by leveraging the advances in silicon nanotechnology. I will also describe how such interface might also inform on the development of next generation neuromorphic chips. I will then describe the promises, as well as potential pitfalls, of BMIs.