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[WKF 2018] Eat Smart!: Aerofarms | Fabian Schvartzman



Session: Eat Smart! Speaker: Fabian Schvartzman (AeroFarms, Strategic Research and Technology Development Lead) 0:23 General Trend of Agriculture 1:08 About Aerofarms #Aerofarms #SmartFarm #FabianSchvartzman Future agriculture is evolving into a cutting-edge industry. Utilizing 4IR technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, the core of agricultural competitiveness is rapidly moving from labor and land to facilities, equipment and data. Investors around the world are increasing investment in future agriculture, and startups are growing rapidly. In this regard, Fabian Schvartzman, AeroFarms, Strategic Research and Technology Development Lead of Aerofarms will be presenting indoor farming regarding how a fully-controlled indoor environment can contribute to faster harvest cycles, predictable results, superior food safety with less environmental impact. Mike Petersen, Special Agricultural Trade Envoy will explain future of agricultural innovation that combines agriculture and ICT in New Zealand. Dr. Jung Hoon Lee, Founder of Telofarm & Professor from Seoul National University will give an insight into how future agricultural technology can respond to climate change and be used in a harsh environment such as the UAE. Dr. Joo-Ryang Lee, Research Fellow from Science and Technology Policy Institute will take a role to moderate this session. Through in-depth discussion by presenters, this session also give deep insights into the future strategies and concerns of the varying countries around the world for future agricultural innovation.