Knowledge Revolution 5.0

The time has arrived for humanity to have a transition period for the new knowledge. So far the mankind has evolved and developed through so-called ‘Knowledge Revolutions’ four times: Cognitive Revolution, Agricultural Revolution, Scientific Revolution and Industrial Revolution. However, those revolutions are now outdated to cope with critical global issues. We need ‘Knowledge Revolution 5.0’ in order to solve problems such as the trade/technology hegemonic war between the U.S. and China, North Korea’s denuclearization and climate change. We must seek Knowledge Revolution 5.0 if we are to solve those challenges and achieve innovation and prosperity for all humanities. Current and former heads of state and top global CEOs will offer a blueprint of Knowledge Revolution 5.0 with keynote speeches.

New Leadership in the Age of Upheaval

The world’s political landscape is in the midst of a massive shift. Anti-immigrant, anti-EU-backed far-right populist parties and Greens swept the continent and gained grounds in the recent European Union parliament elections. The center-right and center-left parties that once were dominant powers of the European politics after the World War II, have weakened greatly as they lost their majority. In addition, geopolitical risks are increasing globally, including the North Korean nuclear issue, the US-China conflict, and the UK-EU rift due to Brexit. Think tank leaders, former heads of states, and other experts from around the world will diagnose chaotic geopolitical problems and discuss solutions to those challenges.

Global Economy in Transition

The trade war between the United States and China is increasing uncertainties on the global economy. With the US tariff hikes on Chinese products, China's growth rate began to slow down and this is expected to eventually hurt the global economy. If the US-China trade dispute is prolonged, it is predicted that the US, which pursues "America First" policy, will also suffer and find it difficult to avoid economic losses. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) cut its global economic forecast from 3.5% to 3.3% in its latest report. The IMF warned that the global economy could see slower growth due to high Brexit-related uncertainties. The sessions at the World Knowledge Forum will feature in-depth discussions on global economic diagnosis and prospects for 2019. In particular, speakers will seek new growth equations for the world economy through detailed analysis of various global economic conditions including the US-China trade dispute and monetary policy.

The Future of Technology Innovation

Technology innovation is transforming our world at an unprecedented speed. As fast-developing technologies expand into new areas, they are changing the industry landscape and people’s lifestyle. Both optimism and concerns exist over the potential impacts of technological innovation on human life. Global corporate leaders who are leading innovations such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, quantum computing, 5G, robots and autonomous driving will join us to offer insights into the future through in-depth discussions.

Inside China & One Asia

This session discusses the future of One Asia which will newly lead the global economy. Asian entrepreneurs, politicians, and scholars will seek for measures on the sustainability of Asia’s economic growth and expansion of One Asia leadership through intensive discussions on China and ASEAN. To do so, problems surrounding each country’s interests such as history and wealth gap issues, will be analyzed and desirable solutions will be suggested. As this year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of ASEAN-Korea relations, the ASEAN market where inter-country exchanges have increased following South Korea’s New Southern Policy will be observed closely during the session.

Rebirth of Finance: Beginning of Smart Investment

Uncertainty in the global financial market is growing as the volatility of major stock markets increases. The global economic slowdown is accelerating faster than expected, and concerns over the prolonged US-China trade war are spreading. This track will offer sessions that analyze global investment trends and present proper investment direction in today’s era of increased uncertainty and volatility.

Viva la Vida: Ways to Vivify Every Moment

Even if new technologies emerge and society changes rapidly, the fundamental values sought by humans do not change. In this track, we will share a variety of knowledge in humanities which can enrich people’s lives. Jia Jang, the author of “Rejection Proof: How I Beat Fear and Became Invincible,” will share his own experience and present effective tips to audience. There will also be a special session focusing on K-pop. In addition, a workshop for negotiation skill will be taught by Professor Robert Bordone from the Harvard Law School.