CEO Message

Founder, World Knowledge Forum Chairman, Maekyung Media Group Daewhan Chang

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the World Knowledge Forum.

Thanks to the benevolent support and enthusiasm from many knowledge seekers around the world, the World Knowledge Forum has grown into one of the most prominent knowledge symposiums in the world.

The World Knowledge Forum has successfully tackled new challenges each year, and as a result it has rewritten the history of the forum industry for over a decade.

The World Knowledge Forum never fails to reflect the timely trends and agendas of the world. As a result, we are confident that our forums have set the bar high for other forums on a global scale. The World Knowledge Forum will once again provide attendees the opportunity to experience a new spectrum of knowledge like no other.

We are facing challenges like never before in political, economic, and societal realms. The trade dispute between G2 has escalated into a technological hegemony conflict while the prospects of the global economy and finance do not look promising. Furthermore, the global governance has also weakened due to a lack of clear leadership.

We will overcome these hardships through “Knowledge Revolution 5.0.” Knowledge Revolution 5.0 aims for the prosperity of humanity in all fields including technology, institution, and culture. The World Knowledge Forum has devoted itself to sharing knowledge with the belief that it is the sole way to ensure the prosperity of humanity.

This year, esteemed power elites and global scholars from various fields will provide knowledge and insights to search for ways to guide the humanity to harmony and prosperity through growth and development.

Founder of the World Knowledge Forum
Chairman of Maekyung Media Group
CHANG Dae-whan Ph.D.