Ein Himmel: A Road Map to the New World

There are neither friends nor enemies in international politics for yesterday's enemies can be today's friends. With no doubt, the Korean peninsula greatly influences the current state of international affairs. The world has recently witnessed the historic 4·27 summit between the two Koreas and the handshake between United States and North Korea not long after. The Korean Peninsula is put to the test of peace and division once more. On the other hand, the international order has been clouded by the United States and we are placed at a crossroads between reestablishment and conflict. The ongoing strive for supremacy is creating a multi-polarized world without a firm central axis to rely on. The 19th World Knowledge Forum seeks to restore the missing leadership amidst the international order thrown in a state of disorder by the immigrant and refugee crisis and populism. Therefore, we search for an insight to penetrate the current state of chaos with collective intelligence.

Smart Investment: The End of Easy Money

The uncertainty of the market is higher than ever before and the root cause of this is attributed to the United States. United States has entered an economic boom and is on its way to achieve a zero-percent unemployment rate. Moreover, it has gradually raised the standard interest rates up to 2%. Trump's ‘America First' approach and protectionism have sparked trade conflicts globally. The United States is not only having a strenuous relationship China, but also has shown hostility towards its traditional allies such as Canada and the EU. The aftereffects of decentralization are endangering the traditional money market. The introduction of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has demolished central banks or the preexisting market system order, in attempts to create a new ecosystem. As such, the 19th World Knowledge Forum hopes to seek the future of markets and effective investment methods amidst this ever-changing environment. Experts from all over the world will present investment strategies that will awe individuals, enterprises and all economic units present at the forum.

Big Tech, Big Wave: Tech Renaissance

The main objective of the renaissance movement that occurred in the 14-16th century in Europe was to return to humanism. The 4th Industrial Revolution and Blockchain Revolution is a premonition that the potential of technology might surpass the ability of humans. In particular, the block chain technology, often referred to as the 2nd internet, is expected to change the life of mankind innovatively. The introduction of such technologies is referred to as “Big Techno” while the changes to come in the near future are referred to as “Big Wave”. Amidst these rapid changes, “Tech Renaissance” or human-centered technologies should be developed. Leaders from companies at the forefront of change such as Google, Uber, Baidu, and Nokia will share their insights on the future.

Overstretch of One Asia

The center of the world's future lies in Asia. Asia's growth is the world's prosperity and inversely, Asia's disorder is the world's chaos. The time is right for Asia to react to the absence of global leadership caused by Donald Trump, the President of the United States. Moreover, the Korean Peninsula is waiting on the chance to seize the opportunity to contribute to achieving One Asia once it successfully denuclearizes. On a global scale, China will show where the true global leadership lies. Finally, ASEAN is preparing to take on the role as the engine of world economy. The 19th World Knowledge Forum will provide a platform for sharing of strategies and visions for Asia to grow beyond ‘One Asia'. Leading entrepreneurs from China and ASEAN will lead the discussion on the direction of world economy at the forum.

Reinvigoration: Upgrade Your Life

Innovative technology, including artificial intelligence, is infiltrating the lives of humans. This rapid change has raised fear that mankind will be replaced by the machines and technology one day. Such fear causes more people to feel a sense of emptiness. At times like this, it is crucial that the inner workings of the human kind consume ‘food for the soul' and evolve life by expressing creativity. At the 19th World Knowledge Forum, experts will provide talks on improving the quality of lives. These experts will share their deep insights on areas that are of no monetary value for the moment but will ultimately enrich our lives in the long run.