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Collective Intelligence: Overcoming Global Pandemonium

Humanity is living in a nebulous state at present, thrown into an ocean of uncertainties politically, economically, and socially. Global trade war is merely one amongst many dilemmas at hand along with the denuclearization of North Korea, unrest in Syria, fast growing refugee population, and climate change.

‘Pandemonium’ refers to the devil’s den featured in renowned English poet John Milton’s epic poem titled ‘Paradise Lost’. In other words, the term is used to depict situations that are chaotic like hell. As such, ‘Pandemonium’ can be utilized to describe the chaos brought about by global challenges such as geopolitical conflicts and trade war. In order to tide over these hurdles, sharing proper knowledge and wisdom is necessary. The 19th World Knowledge Forum’s theme, “Collective Intelligence: Overcoming Global Pandemonium” was chosen to reflect the situation we are in now and our effort to survive it with collective intelligence.

The advancement of technology is removing the barriers between the states rapidly. In succession to the internet, the advent of block chain technology has led to a hyper-connected society. Amidst these changes, how we share knowledge will be the key that affect the competitiveness of states and enterprises. Block chain technology, often referred to as the 2nd internet, is on the verge of creating a new ecosystem. Thus, searching for a sagacious solution through collective knowledge is becoming increasingly crucial.