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[[D.STREET Session] The Next Big Thing: New Community to be Built on Blockchain]
Until recently, blockchain has been thought of as an object of speculation rather than as a new technology that can change our lives. Nevertheless, numerous experts in Silicon Valley and IT sectors view blockchain as the future technology that has the potential to become the second internet. Not only has blockchain industry attracted billions of investments, but it has also called for many skilled developers to jump into the industry. The fact that the investment funds size of cryptocurrency surpassed that of real currency in 2017 shows the firm beliefs of investment pioneers in blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are not just replacements of real currencies, but are evolving into new forms of software and platform.
The speakers of this session have strong beliefs in blockchain to form a new ecosystem. Shelia Warren, the Project Head of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology at World Economic Forum, has said that “The blockchain is the door to new digital reality.” Furthermore, Halsey Minor, Co-founder of Salesforce has asserted that the blockchain will overturn the video ecosystem currently dominated by Amazon and Google.
Several questions are to be answered in this session: Why are they so enthusiastic about the blockchain technology? Why has blockchain technology emerged as the next technology? The participants of this session plan to find the solution to the questions outlined above. 



[Halsey Minor - Founder and CEO of Live Planet / Strategic Technology Partner and Investor in the VideoCoin Network]
Halsey Minor is a web publishing and cloud computing pioneer, responsible for founding, funding and leading many of the world’s most innovative companies that have created over $100 billion in cumulative value including CNET Networks, cryptocurrency platform Uphold, the service now known as Google Voice, VR game-building startup Voxelus, web-publishing platform Vignette, and OpenDNS. In February 2000, Halsey stepped down as founder and CEO of CNET to help build, investing $19.5 million and launching in January 2000 with Halsey as its co-founder and second largest shareholder from inception until 2008. In 2015, he founded and is CEO at Live Planet, an end to end virtual reality video platform that allows users to stream live from anywhere they have cell service. In November of 2017, Halsey launched the VideoCoin Network, creating a platform for highly distributed video encoding, storage and streaming. VideoCoin taps into unused or under-utilized computers in data centers to dramatically lower the cost of internet video, allowing for the next YouTube, Netflix, and video apps to emerge. In May 2018, Halsey and his team successfully raised $50 million in private presale funding from the world’s leading crypto and blockchain funds.




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