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[Do You Speak Visual? Re-Discover Your Own Skills as a Visual Communicator]

Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitation and Sketchnoting are a big thing in Europe and the US. Maybe you´ve heard about those terminologies or already participated in a meeting or conference where these methodologies have been applied? 

But have you also thought of using those tools in your own practice?
While the idea of using visual tools and very simple graphic elements to reduce complexity, trigger, enable and assist big picture thinking and meaningful conversations lived in the shadows of a circle of selected, very specialized strategic consultancies for many years, the field of Visual Practice started to really bloom in the past 5-10 years. 
Nowadays also businesses in Asia begin to experiment with Visual tools and try to integrate them, where they can unfold their talents best. In business meetings, design-thinking processes, agile leadership environments, strategy processes and change processes.
The reasons why this Practice spreads fast, are diverse. Part of the answer is that in times of high complexity, tools to reduce and manage complexity adequately, are quite urgently needed. 
The human brain simply loves pictures and stories. They help it see, think, understand, integrate and co-create. Despite all kinds of technological advancements, pen and paper are still the most cost-effective way to move from ideation to manifestation and establish a shared understanding. This especially holds true in cross-cultural and interdisciplinary collaborations, which we see more and more happening in all kinds of industries that need to de-construct silos and re-think themselves.
In times of fake-news and expertise that is just a google search away, hardly anybody is being hired just for expertise anymore. So mastering a powerful tool for quick orientation in new, partially overwhelming situations, a tool for fast thinking, sense-making and even faster execution, is a valuable asset for any leader, consultant, facilitator, enabler or communicator.
We won´t be able to dig into all of the most interesting aspects of Visual Practice in the framework of this 1 hour, very interactive workshop. 
But you will for sure gain a better understanding of the true power of visuals in business environments and you will be surprised by your own potential and skills as a Visual Communicator.
Also you will learn how to draw some basic symbols that are useful for your practice and you will experience the power of Visual elements for sparking meaningful dialogues.



Markus EngelbergerCreative Tribe Founder ]

Markus Engelberger is an Organization Developer, Strategy Consultant, StartUp Coach, Pitching Trainer, Design Thinker, Creativity Enabler and Social Entrepreneur with more than 16 years of practical experience. His weapon of choice are visual tools of all kind, that enable effective communication, meaningful dialogues and co-creativity in a VUCA environment. He is based in Vienna, Austria, but trusted by customers around the globe. He is adding value to meetings, change-, innovation- and transformation processes in Fortune 500 companies, in political processes on European level and collaborating closely with universities, who are eager to learn from and with him about "Creative Confidence", "Creative Competence" and "Visual Literacy" as crucial future competencies. Since 2013, he has been enabling more than 5000 people between Uganda, the Baltics, Dubai and Switzerland to unfold their potential as visual communicators and thus take their practice as leaders, facilitators and entrepreneurs to the next level. To have a more concise description for his diverse activities and offerings, he started to call himself a Visual Catalyst. This terminology expresses best that he deploys his diverse set of skills to assist and co-create profound societal Change. In 2015 he founded the Creative Tribe, an international network of thought-leaders and creatives, who share his vision and join forces to support effective, but financially less powerful Change-Makers.




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