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[Global Energy Markets in Transition: Implications for the economy, environment & geopolitics]
Ample supply is keeping downward pressure on fossil fuel prices, coal, oil and natural gas. When and how will market dynamics change – or might lower prices for some fuels be here to stay? The Paris Agreement represents a strong signal of the determination of governments to tackle climate change. How is it affecting the momentum behind the deployment of low-carbon energy technologies and the drive for greater energy efficiency? The impact of local pollution, often energy-related, on air quality is a matter of rising concern in many countries. How can governments overcome this problem – and what would it mean for the energy sector? Dr. Fatih Birol will shed light on these questions and more by discussing the future of energy demand and supply and the consequences for energy security, investment, energy industries and the environment.


[Fatih Birol]


Dr. Fatih Birol took office as Executive Director in 2015, 20 years after first joining the IEA as a junior analyst. Previously, he held the positions of Chief Economist and Director of Global Energy Economics. Dr. Fatih Birol has made a significant contribution to the international policy debate on energy and climate change. He has actively participated in many international gatherings. Dr. Birol has been named by Forbes Magazine among the most powerful people in terms of influence on the world’s energy scene. He is the Chairman of the WEF’s (Davos) Energy Advisory Board and serves as a member of the UN Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on ‘Sustainable Energy for All’. He is the recipient of numerous awards from government and industry for his contribution to energy and climate economics, including the Japanese Emperor’s Order of the Rising Sun in 2013. Prior to joining the IEA in 1995, Dr. Birol worked as an oil market analyst at OPEC in Vienna. He earned a BSc degree in power engineering from the Technical University of Istanbul and his MSc and PhD in energy economics from the Technical University of Vienna. In 2013, Dr. Birol was awarded a Doctorate of Science honoris causa by Imperial College London.




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