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[Cycling Changes Cities]
Many describe her as the ‘Goddess Entrepreneur’ or the ‘Mobike Archbishop’. Wherever she goes, she receives the attention of wide public like a celebrity. Hu Weiwei is the founder and president of Mobike(摩拜), which is a Chinese bicycle-sharing scheme covering major cities all over the world with the orange wave, starting with China two years ago. In her mid-30s, she became an entrepreneur and an icon representing the 4IR. The enterprise value of Mobike, established in January 2015, has increased up to two trillion won in just two years and it is recognized as a large business expanding explosively. Mobike has 150 millions of users in 180 cities around the world. Tencent and Temasek have invested in Mobike and Samsung Electronics has promoted its technological cooperation. Having worked as a journalist for ten years and networked with diverse people, she was inspired by an interview with an investor and decided to establish ‘bicycle-sharing scheme’ at the young age of thirty two. In this session, Hu Weiwei will share her insights on transforming ourselves and the cities through cycling.



[Hu Weiwei]
Hu Weiwei is the founder and president of Mobike. Mobike aims to ease two major problems of cities: traffic congestion and air pollution, while the solution of the two problems requires participation of the whole society. Mobike is more than a way of transportation, but a way of life that we are changing. Hu Weiwei was born at Dongyang, Zhejiang Province and graduated from Zhejiang University City College with a major of journalism at 2004. She has 10 years’ extensive experience working in the automotive and technology media, therefore she’s been particularly paying attention to how tech changes people’s life. Before founding Mobike, she founded, a media company focusing on the latest tech trend regarding vehicles. Before that, she had used to work for SAIC, Tencent and The Beijing News.




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