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[Social Value and the Role of An Enterprise]
Many prospect that the advent of new technologies and the expansion of global networks will continue to improve the quality of life. However, there are concerns that this will reduce job opportunities and increase social issues. Social issues have become multi-faceted. Soon the frequency of their occurrence and scale will not be comparable to the ones we face today. Governments and civil society are putting in a lot of effort to solve these social issues; however it is just not enough to catch up to their exponential increase. This is where “the role of enterprises” comes in. The keynote speaker who currently operates businesses in key industries including telecommunication, semiconductors, and petroleum will aim to explain the importance of co-growth between enterprises and society through the creation of both financial value and “social value”.
The keynote highlights that the social innovation activities by enterprises go beyond just participation in solving social issues, and can become a source of sustainable competitive edge for enterprises.


[​Tae-won Chey ​/ Chairman of SK Group]

Chey Tae-won is the Chairman of SK Group, operating the business of semiconductors, petrochemicals, mobile communications, and distributions etc. SK Group, the company he leads, is South Korea’s third largest conglomerate by assets. He graduated in physics from Korea University and holds Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago. He began his career in the management planning department of Sunkyung, the SK Group’s predecessor, in 1991 and has worked as the Chairman of SK Group from 1998. He served in many posts including the director of Boao Forum and the director of UN Global Compact and took an active part in the international stage. He was also active at the World Knowledge Forum. Recently, he emphasizes the importance of the growth of social enterprises. He suggested the solution of fostering one hundred thousand of social enterprises in order to raise the economic scale of them to the level of 3% of the GDP in about 10 years. 



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