vision korea Immediately after the 1997 Asian financial crisis the World Knowledge Forum was launched in October 2000, after two years of preparation with the ambition to transform Korea into a creative knowledge driven nation. Since then, the World Knowledge Forum has been a place for discussions to reduce knowledge gaps through knowledge sharing, and promote balanced global economic growth and prosperity. Since the first forum with the theme of "Shaping the New Millennium with Knowledge" in 2000, a total of 3,600 global speakers and over 35,000 audiences have participated until now, making the World Knowledge Forum as the biggest knowledge festival in the world.

Past speakers at the World Knowledge Forum include George W. Bush; Former U.S President, Tony Blair; Former U.K Prime Minister, Gordon Brown; Former U.K Prime Minister, Nicolas Sarcozy; Former President of France, Hatoyama Yukio; Former Prime Minister of Japan, John Howard; Former Prime Minister of Australia, Jim Yong Kim; President of World Bank, Donald Johnston; Former Secretary-General of the OECD, Zhu Min; Former Deputy Managing Director of the IMF, Timothy Geithner; 75th United States Secretary of the Treasury, Leon Panetta; Former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Le Luong Minh; Secretary-General of the ASEAN, Bill Gates; Co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, Richard Branson; Virgin Group Founder & CEO, Michael Dell; CEO of Dell Technologies, Larry Ellison; Chairman and CEO of Oracle Corporation, George Soros; Chairman of Soros Fund Management, Peter Voser; Former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell plc, Nathan Blecharczyk; Co-Founder of Airbnb, Larry Summers; Professor of Economics at Harvard University, Paul Krugman, Paul Kennedy, Nouriel Roubini, Michael Porter, Francis Fukuyama, Alan Greenspan, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Gregory Mankiw, Hu Angang and Koichi Hamada.

Marking the 18th anniversary of the World Knowledge Forum, around 200 speakers and 3,500 audiences will gather to discuss various agendas and topics under the theme of "Inflection Point: Towards New Prosperity". The forum will present a path and a direction to where the world should aim towards at this inflection point, with global leaders including Francois Hollande; the former President of France, Ban Ki-moon; the former UN Secretary-General and world-renowned scholars such as the 2016 Nobel laureate in economics, professor Oliver Hart from Harvard University. Numerous global entrepreneurs who are leading the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including Zhang Ya-Qin, the President of Baidu, will also participate to share the insights and visions of the world's leading corporations and companies.