World Knowledge Forum Speakers

Benjamin Butler

Emerging Future Institute

Benjamin J Butler is Futurist, Writer and Catalyst with a profound interest in the mind. As a Futurist, Benjamin writes for Dow Theory Letters, founded the Emerging Future Institute, and speaks to audiences all over the world about emerging trends. He leverages off a wide array of experiences and roles including fund manager, senior positions at banks Morgan Stanley, Nomura and UBS, venture capitalist, and innovation consultant, seeing himself as an observer of human behaviour and decision-making. His recent passion has been the pursuit of the Holy Grail of creativity and innovation through collective intelligence. Benjamin helped found the Co-Creation Institute at the School of Design in Hong KongĄ¯s Polytechnic University. He attended KingĄ¯s College, LondonĄ¯s School of Law, and graduated in Economics and Japanese at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London in the 1990s. In 1997 he studied at the University of Osaka in Japan as a Monbusho Scholar.
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