The Evolution of Experience in 4IR : Jeffrey Godsick file -


[INSIGHT 30' The Evolution of Experience in 4IR]
The idea of experience is in a massive state of evolution. At the core of experience is storytelling and content creators such as Sony Pictures spend a great amount of time and resources creating and developing stories. As technology has evolved through time it has been woven in to the fabric of storytelling in a variety of forms. Sometimes as a way to enhance the story telling, such as in a film like Avatar or as on a digital platform that reaches tremendous amounts of people at the same time. Some thinking suggests that the evolution of experience in its newest forms such as virtual reality and augmented reality we not just change the physical experience but eventually eliminate it. However, the contrary is happening – as technology driven experiences so are the physical. Theme parks are at all times highs, immersive theater has taken off and new interpretations of time tested experiences such as table tennis and bowling add more social elements. They are experience growth as well.


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