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Varjo chief promises a VR headset with `human eye-resolution` file -


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Varjo Technologies, a Helsinki-based Finnish tech startup with just about 50 employees, unveiled ambitious goal of opening a new “paradigm of computing” for augmented and virtual reality by introducing its latest technology that offers “human eye-resolution” for virtual reality headsets. 

Urho Konttori, chief executive of the Finnish virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) computing devices developer claimed Varjo Technologies’ products fitted with its patented ‘Bionic Display’ technology offers “experiences that finally match the seeing capabilities of the human eye.” He is attending the 18th World Knowledge Forum (WKF) held in Seoul as a guest speaker for a session titled ‘Human Eye Resolution AR/VR` on Thursday. 

“You need to always bring things (displays for VR/AR devices) to human eye-resolution. Otherwise, it’s all useless,” said Konttori. 

Currently, displays for virtual reality devices have a resolution matching to only about one-hundredths of human eyes, according to Konttori. And the key to achieving the human eye-resolution lies within the eye itself, said Konttori adding that the display technology should focus on providing high resolution on a single spot only as human eyes view things one individual place at a time. 

Varjo applied the findings to the Bionic Display technology for VR headsets. The Bionic Display technology studies the movement of eyes of the person wearing VR headset and projects high-resolution image exactly in the position that the center of each eye sees, he explained. 























Urho Konttori, CEO of Finland’s Varjo Technologies, speaks at ‘Human Eye Resolution AR/VR’ session at the WKF in Seoul on Thursday. [By Lee Seung-hwan]

Varjo still has much to improve its technology and “immersion, resolution, and interaction are crucial” for a further technological upgrade, said Konttori. "You must be able to be immersed in the reality you inhabit, see things in the same clarity as you do the true reality, and interact with it in a meaningful way." 

Konttori sees Varjo’s technology to be of great use in various sectors, especially in product design and engineering, training in aerospace, defense and auto industries as well as in designing buildings and creating entertainment works. 

Based on its vast growth potential, the Finnish startup raised $8.2 million in Series A funding or in the first round of financing by external investors, which include EQT Ventures, the Venture Reality Fund LLC, Presence Capital Fund I LP and Sisu Game Ventures Oy. 


















Urho Konttori, CEO of Finland’s Varjo Technologies, speaks at the WKF in Seoul on Thursday. [By Lee Seung-hwan]

Varjo plans to release its VR headset with human eye-resolution for business customers towards the end of next year, starting with Fortune 500 companies. Prior to the official launch, it plans to offer the new device to its partner firms for free in the first quarter next year and continue upgrading the VR headset based on their feedback. Also, the company is slated for showcasing its latest VR technology in Helsinki, Finland at the end of next month. 

Varjo’s latest VR headset is expected to be nearly 100 grams heavier than others out in the market due to the use of components that enable human eye-resolution, said Konttori. The company is now working to improve the VR headset’s resolution to 100 megapixels from current 70 megapixels and plans to set the price at between $5,000 and $10,000.

By Lee Yu-sup and Cho Jeehyun

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