Opening Ceremony file -

- Time : October 17th (Tuesday) 08:00~12:00

- Location : Jangchung Arena


[First Part - 07:40~10:00]

- Entering the venue

- Opening Announcement and Theme Video Screening

- Opening Speech : Chang Dae-hwan, the President of Maekyung Media Group

- Congratulatory Speech : VIP

- Welcoming Speech & Keynote Speech : Ban Ki-moon, the Former UN Secretary-General (Co-chairman of the World Knowledge Forum)

- Keynote Speech : Francois Hollande, the Former President of France

- Keynote Speech : Reince Priebus, the Former White House Chief of Staff


[Second Part - 10:10~12:00]

- Keynote Speech: Oliver Hart, the Professor at Harvard University

- Keynote Speech: Chey Tae-won, the Chairman of SK Group


* If you get out of Dongguk Univ. Station through exit #5, you can easily get to the registration desk on the 2nd floor of Jangchung Arena.

* Please be seated by 07:30 AM as the venue is expected to be highly crowded during the opening ceremony.

* Only pre-enrolled participants and invitees are allowed to enter the venue. Those who want to attend the opening ceremony on behalf of the registered persons are not allowed.


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