20 million viewers and readers are testimony to the strength and influence of the Maekyung Media Group.

매경경제 Maeil Business Newspaper
Maeil Business Newspaper is Korea’s leading business publication read by businessmen and corporate subscribers. Maeil Business Newspaper provides the most diverse array of topics related to economy, finance, real-estates, stocks, and bonds with keen insights and professional expertise. By providing timely accurate economic news and through campaigns such as “Vision Korea,” the Maeil Business Newspaper presents new visions to the government, the people and businesses. By doing so, the Maeil Business Newspaper proudly does its part in building the foundation for Korea’s knowledge-based economy.
MBN is a channel providing variety of programs ranging from news to entertainment. With 17 years of experience as a 24-hour news channel, MBN offers premium content in various fields to the viewers. Known for its quick and accurate news reporting, MBN was selected as the Nation's best news channel for 4 consecutive years. Through its commitment to "Listen, Agree, Care & Solve," MBN's dedication to excellence on every level makes this broadcast network a leader in its field.
Mmoney M-money
M-money is the no.1 business news channel in Korea. M-money currently provides real-time business news to more than 10 million households in Korea. M-money not only provides information on economic matters but also practical solutions for business management, investment on stocks and real-estates, and much more. Through its networks in the United States, the European Union, Japan, China, Singapore, and many more region and countries, it delivers global news to the Korean audience.
매경닷컴 Maekyung dot com
Maekyung dot com( is the no. 1 business & economic portal site in Korea, which provides the most comprehensive "real-time" financial and business news on the net. Maekyung dot com delivers up-to-date information including real-time stock news, finance, e-business and economy, in addition to a broad range of on-line social and cultural services which offers our readers useful information needed in the fast-paced world. The website allows readers to voice their news on "MK Public Forum" and conducts daily polls on the latest issues related to economy and politics.
매경이코노미 Magazine & Publication
Since 1968, the Maeil Business Newspaper published a wide range of specialized books on the stock market, economics, management and business that enable readers to better manage their daily lives. Maekyung Economy, a premier weekly economic magazine, highlights and captures the current business trends. The magazine offers insight into the trends in global economy and the latest information on various industries and business sectors. Luxmen, a premier monthly business magazine, is a visual business magazine which combines difficult economic articles with aesthetically pleasing design.
매경출판 Maekyung Media Group introduced Maekyung Publisher (MK Publisher) in 1968. MK Publisher publishes prominent books on economy and business management. Every year, MK Publisher introduces new editions of “Business Information Encyclopedia”, “Economic Dictionary” and “Annual Corporation Report”
M-PRINT In order to promote a distinguished Publication and Printing service, Maekyung Media Group incorporated high-tech printing facilities and installed cutting edge equipments and formed a printing company called M-Print. M-Print is a general printing company which efficiently plans, prints, plates, and binds in one-stop.
매경헬스 MK Health, formed in October of 2007 by Maekyung Media Group, is a multimedia news channel which reports on general health, medical care, and public health issues exclusively in Korea. Furthermore, with its strong networks with numerous hospitals in Korea, MK Health provides prestigious healthcare services and medical consultations. MK Health will continue to host the “Annual Cancer Expo” with global scholars in order to overcome the issue of cancer and promise to provide outstanding services as a reputable healthcare media.
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