vision korea The World Knowledge Forum is a non-profit entity, which aims to promote balanced global growth and prosperity through knowledge-sharing. As the largest business forum in Asia, the World Knowledge Forum brings together global leaders to address the importance of knowledge in meeting the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world.

The world today faces host of severe economic and political issues such as currency war caused by aggressive monetary policy of major economies, slowdown of China's economic growth, persistent crisis in European countries, conflicts in the Middle East and Korean peninsula, the Arab Spring, and territorial disputes in Asia. As a result, the economic, political and social inequality has worsened, and this radical imbalance of wealth and power has led to conditions that are no longer sustainable.

We define the fundamental cause of this inequality as the disparity of knowledge. Acknowledging the importance of sharing knowledge throughout the world, we established the World Knowledge Forum(WKF) in 2000, after two years of preparation, to provide a platform for in-depth discussions of creative innovation to help bridge the knowledge gap.

Over the past 17 years, thousands of scholars, policy-makers, global leaders and corporate CEOs have participated in the WKF to share their knowledge with a multinational audience and co-panelists.