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Welcome Message from the Chairman

This year marks the 17th Anniversary of the World Knowledge Forum. With the gracious support from the knowledge seekers around the world, the World Knowledge Forum has grown into one of the most prominent knowledge hubs in the world. The World Knowledge Forum, the biggest business forum in Asia, has been developing its contents each year, and has been rewriting the history of the forum industry for over a decade.

Each year, the World Knowledge Forum has been mapping out global trends to help opinion leaders prepare for the major upcoming events. We have put together top notch contents and speakers for this year’s participants once again. The World Knowledge Forum, which expanded last year by being held in two different locations, The Shilla Hotel and Jangchung Gymnasium, will once again provide a platform for the participants to experience a brand-new level of knowledge sharing.

The entire international community is facing severe political, economic, and social obstacles. United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, U.S. - China competition for diplomacy hegemony, Islamic State terrorism, North Korea nuclear threat, and many more geopolitical risks are rapidly escalating, which in turn are driving the entire world into a Maelstrom. Continuous low economic growth is intensifying the competition to find the new growth engine. With the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the value of innovation and knowledge has become ever more essential.

The esteemed power elites and global scholars at the World Knowledge Forum will provide knowledge and insights which will help the participants become competitive in today’s world. We sincerely promise to present quality discussions at this year’s forum.