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Mapping the zeitgeist, 새로운 시대정신을 찾아서

Knowledge, Science, Innovation.

Francis Bacon, an English Philosopher from the 17th century, proposed the idea that innovation is based on the knowledge of a society. In order to overcome the prejudices and preconceived ideas of the dark Medieval Age, acquiring knowledge was more important than ever before. He believed that the society will reach The Great Instauration when everybody equips oneself with knowledge. He claimed this reformation will create the ideal and prosperous society

Four hundred years have passed and we now live in 2016. The world is full of many different extreme ideologies. Issues such as Brexit, protectionism, which stemmed from U.S. and now spreading to China, Islamic State, and nationalism is stirring up confusion around the world. The gap between the rich and poor is intensifying and populism ideologies can be found in many parts around the globe. History evolves by repeating itself. Today’s world makes us look back at the medieval era when Bacon called for advancements in science and knowledge. Without reforming the current state, future is never fully guaranteed.

The starting point is knowledge. Only logical and practical knowledge can change the world. The way to acquire knowledge is engaging in through observations and experiences, that is, science. The world is transforming drastically by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In times of change, leadership is a critical factor. The gateway for innovation will open when leaders lead with innovative but logical ideas. With the U.S. Presidential Elections coming up and the Korean Presidential Elections taking place the year after, new leadership is undoubtedly a timely topic to examine.

The 17th World Knowledge Forum will explore the value of knowledge sharing and the importance of new leadership. Experts in politics, economics, and sciences will come together to evaluate today’s world and we hope many people will join us in these essential discussions.