World Knowledge Forum 2016

New Leadership in the Maelstrom
Time/Place 12.  14:50 ~ 15:50, DynastyA
Synopsis Oil price use to be 140 dollars per barrel in 2008 but it remains at 40-50 dollars per barrel today. Oil Production in North America is sustainable and the loosening of the production of oil in OPEC countries is adding to the oversupply
of oil. It may be too early to say the era of expensive oil is over but there is no doubt that oil prices are historically low. According to International Energy Agency (IEA), global oil price will remain in the 40-50 dollar zone and this will continue for a quite long time. Even if the price of oil rises, shale production in North America will also affect the oil price.

•Will there be an oil price rebound?
•How long will low oil price remain?
•How will low price affect geopolitics and the global economy?
Tatiana Mitrova (Center on Global Energy Policy (Columbia University), Research Officer)
Friedbert Pfluger (European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS), Kings College London, Director)
Tim Gould (International Energy Agency (IEA), Head of Energy Supply Division)
Sei-joong Kwon (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Director General)