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Imagination Breakthrough: Creative Leadership for New Growth

The world economy is hard to predict even to the nearest future. There were not many who predicted the European crisis before. Simultaneously, emerging countries reorganized the world order. Empowered by fresh perspective, emerging countries challenge the established global economic governance.

2012 also brings more than 30 elections throughout the world. Ultimately, countries with creative leadership armed by new imaginative solutions in economics will be welcomed in the new paradigm of the world.

Creative leadership is not only central to national leaders but also to business executives. How should they revise corporate management? How should we utilize the opportunities and where should we find the engine for new growth? What could be the pre-requisite for creative leadership, and what kind of strategies and imaginations do we need?

The World Knowledge Forum is going to find answers to these questions from October 9th to 11th 2012 under the theme of ‘The Great Breakthrough: New Solutions for Global Crisis(Leadership, Integrity, Creativity and Happiness).’

A breakthrough is imperative. We need to see beyond the current global economic hardship. We need to use our creative imagination to find alternative for capitalism and appropriate systems. We need to revisit our fundamentals and establish response in social and economic issues.

Find your breakthrough solution at the 13th World Knowledge Forum. Globally renowned professors and business leaders are to share their thoughts with us. This October is going to be filled with knowledge which evokes your idea and insight toward your future.
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