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We are at a great turning point. New leadership is put to the test with major elections taking place around the world this year. The uncertainty is growing as the global economic condition aggravates.’

Nobody knows whether the insoluble European economic crisis may lead to the breakdown of Eurozone or to a worldwide recession. The leadership vacuum clearly means both political and economic chaos. As exemplary business forum in Asia, the World Knowledge Forum will seek solutions to overcome the crisis under the theme of ‘The Great Breakthrough: New Solutions for Global Crisis(Leadership, Integrity, Creativity and Happiness).’

As the fiscal crisis of the European countries spread even before the 2008 financial crisis was extinguished, capitalism with its 300-year history is facing a crucial crisis. It has crossed the border of a simple economic crisis to a contemplation of the fundamental issues of capitalism and concrete discussion of another system. Under the same capitalist system, some nations maintain robust growth whereas others continue to bog down the economy. What are their differences? What factors caused so much difference? This is the time when we need a creative leadership with imagination to look over the global economy with new perspective regardless of the existing paradigm. The harmony of ‘unchangeable philosophy’ and ‘new perspective’ is to be discussed at the World Knowledge Forum.

This year’s theme is ‘The Great Breakthrough: New Solutions for Global Crisis.’ We propose five pillars as the solution for crisis breakthrough: New Growth, Leadership, Happiness, Integrity, and Creativity.

For the past 3 years, the World Knowledge Forum provided the platform for debate on the direction and role of Asia at crises. This year, we will look over the global crisis with a broader perspective to the extent beyond Asia and discuss the global configuration of 2013 with the global leaders.

Hereafter, a demand for leadership to break through the global crisis will grow stronger. The political leaders, business leaders, and world renowned scholars participating in the World Knowledge Forum will provide insights to create new leadership. We will hold in-depth discussions on creative innovation that could narrow the knowledge gap that is causing global inequality. We will also cover the fundamental questions regarding human-oriented value and true meaning of happiness. This year’s World Knowledge Forum will surely be the platform to find a shared vision with leaders in the age of new leadership.
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