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The World Knowledge Forum, Asia's prestigious business forum, will hold its 12th forum this year. Serving as the knowledge Olympics, this year's World Knowledge Forum will run under the theme of `The New Economic Crisis: Reforming Global Leadership & Asia's Challenge.'

Under nine pillars - Crisis Revisited, Global Growth in Transition, New Management Strategies, Industry Overview 2012, New Shock and Re-growth of Finance, Knowledge Revolution, New Crisis and New Leadership, The True Green, Convergence - 70 sessions have been organized with special lectures by renowned global leaders.

As it turns around 1st half of 2011, the global community had high hopes of overcoming the 2008 financial crisis. However, with the US default risk that spurred in July which then gave birth to the degrading of the US credit rating by S&P made the global economy nosedive to its fall. The world is now facing yet another economic crisis. This 'new crisis' seems unlike any other. `The New Economic Crisis' refers to the challenge that the once dominant superpowers, the US and Europe, are facing regarding their national credibility. What seems to be an incurable economic disease is hitting humanity hard.

But let us remember that with crisis comes opportunity. The World Knowledge Forum will bring forth 'reforming global leadership' and 'Asia's role' as solutions for `The New Economic Crisis.'

`Reforming global leadership' is the answer for recovering from the global leadership stalemate that surfaced with the 'new economic crisis' which experienced the dichotomy of global leadership by the US and Europe. Global leaders will discuss how Asia and the emerging countries will provide to be the answer to fulfill its role in the global agenda.

For the last two years, the World Knowledge Forum has suggested the direction for Asia's path in these times of global turmoil. The 'One Asia' spirit will lead the world out from the 'The New Economic Crisis.' Japan's lost decade will serve as the poster child of the global economic crisis. China, which was the solution to the 2008 crisis, will boast its power once again in this time of vacuum in global leadership. The World Knowledge Forum will gather global economic leaders to analyze the problems the world is facing and to bring forth possible solutions for inclusive growth and overcoming the crisis.

Through creative innovation, global business leaders and thinkers will mend the knowledge gap which is one of the reasons for global imbalance. They will share their insights on how to create blue oceans. On the advent of the IT Big Bang 2.0 era where software and hardware are unified, we will hear intensive discussions on the new business models that break the walls that characterize the existing business composition.

The World Knowledge Forum will strive to serve as the growth accelerator in this time of new leadership.