Cho, Yoon-Sun
Cho was elected into the office of National Assembly in 2008, and is actively working in the Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting and Communications. Before Cho joined in the National Assembly, she was renowned for her expertise in the area of arts and culture as opera columnist, legal advisor for the Korean National Opera and author of the book Meeting Opera at an Arts Gallery (Sigongsa 2007), chosen as the Excellent Cultural Book of the Year 2008 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea. Her most devoted field of activity is in the arts and culture, and her goal is to expand the field to develop it into a prodigious force in Korea¡¯s social and economic growth, and further fostering balanced development across Korea through cultural welfare.

Upon her graduation from Seoul National University, majoring in International Affairs, Cho passed the 33rd Korean Judicial Exam, as well as graduated the 23rd Korean Judicial Research and Training Institute. From 1994, Cho had worked at Kim & Chang Law Firm as partner, specializing in corporation law and intellectual property rights for 13 years. After graduating Columbia Law School with LL.M in 2001, Cho worked at Amster, Rothsein & Ebenstein Law Firm, Fish & Neave Law Firm, both in New York, as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington D.C. Cho has also accumulated experience and acclaim as Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of Citibank Korea and utilized this experience as an economics expert as well as a professional in law by organizing her first Standing Committee, National Policy, after her election.

Her career in politics began when she was appointed as Spokesperson of the 16th Presidential Election Polling Committee of the Grand National Party in 2002. The Party¡¯s appointment of Cho, then a lawyer, marked her as the first of female spokesperson in the history of Korean political parties. In March 2008, she was again appointed as spokesperson and set a record as the longest-service spokesperson in the Party¡¯s history as she held the position until February 2010. During that time, Cho was highly acknowledged by her stability, professionalism, appetence and humility.

In May 2010, she co-founded the Korean War Memorial Foundation (KWMF) under the slogan ¡°We Remember and Share¡± to provide educational opportunities and scholarships to the descendants of foreign Korean War veterans. With the feat, she was recognized as affirming Korea¡¯s stance as ¡°the world first aided-nation turned aiding-nation¡±, and was thus appointed as Aid Ambassador for ODA by KOICA. She also holds the position of Chair of the board of Jin-Gak Welfare Foundation under Jin-Gak Buddhist Order of Korea, an organization which specializes in welfare for the elderly and the disabled.

Cho¡¯s motto is that legislative politics should always focus on accurate facts and discernment that leads to promising and reliable proposals. She is a remarkable young politician, decorated as The Best National Assembly Member in the area of the Assembly Inspection of the Government Office (selected 2008 by NGO), with the Grand Prize in the area of Politics (adorned 2009 by Seoul Success Awards), and the Grand Prize of Parliamentary Politics in the area of National Assembly Members (adorned 2010 by National District Newspaper Association), and much more.