Dang Yen
Mdm Dang Thi Hoang Yen was born in June 1959 in Vietnam. She has been the chair of the management board of Tan Tao Group of Vietnam since 1996.

After graduating from Ho Chi Minh City Economics University in 1980, she began working for the City¡¯s District 5. In 1992, she was appointed as Investment Director of the Investment Promotion Center under the People¡¯s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. For only two years in this post, she attracted more than USD 1.5 billion of capital from foreign investors into Ho Chi Minh City.

In 1993, she left the Center to start her own business. The first place which she chose is the salty Tan Tao area in Binh Chanh district, one of the poorest districts in Ho Chi Minh City at that time, to develop Tan Tao Industrial Park. After some years, the previous salty land turned into a robust growth area, attracting many investors and labors and helped to transform the previous Binh Chanh district into the current Binh Tan district with high economic growth rates in HCM City in recent years. By 2007, Tan Tao Industrial Park attracted nearly 300 foreign and domestic investors with a total investment capital of about one billion USD and created more than 30,000 jobs.

From the successes in the industrial park development, she has developed some other businesses and created a strong economic Group in Vietnam. Nowadays, Tan Tao Group is a multi-sector Group specializing in development of industrial parks, infrastructure, land, telecom and network. The Group presently owns and develops nine industrial parks with thousands of hectares and more than 30 large-scale infrastructure construction projects throughout Vietnam. In each and every business of the Group, she is the one who provides orientations and directions to all leaders, staff and employees. Thanks to her guidelines, Tan Tao Group has been known as the top bird of the flock pioneering and openning the gates for investment and production in various business areas for non-state enterprises. Tan Tao Group¡¯s industrial parks are the cradle for implementation of pilot policies, laying the foundation for the Vietnamese government¡¯s breakthrough policies to untie and create impetus for economic development of the country. One that could be cited is Decree No. 178/1999 dated December 29, 1999 on permission of mortage of land use right for loan security of credit institutions, which made a breakthrough and widespread impacts, addressing the severe capital shortage of domestic and foreign enterprises in Vietnam.

With achieved results, in 2008, Tan Tao Group, as a non-state enterprise, was granted by the Government for the first time for development of Kien Luong Power Complex in Kien Giang province in Build – Operate – Own (BOO) scheme. It is projected to become the largest power complex in the South of Vietnam with a designed capacity of 4,400 – 5,200 MW and with the estimated capital of USD 6.7 billion. Since then, Tan Tao Group has been promptly deploying works to put Kien Luong 1 thermal power plant (phase 1 of Kien Luong Power Complex) into operation by December of 2013. The difficulties pile up for such large scale project with a lot of sayings such as ¡° first time¡±, ¡°unprecedented¡±, ¡°not yet any policy framework¡± for a BOO project using imported coal. Once again, she has worked with the Management Board of Tan Tao Group to step by step turn these impossibilities into possibilities. It is expected that the door will be widened for non-state enterprises for investment and development of large scale power plants in order to assist the country currently in a severe shortage of electricity.

Apart from her business activities, she also contributes to the country through ¡°talent nurturing¡±. She has been materializing her dream since her children were small about building a university in Vietnam with regionally and internationally recognized degrees and reputation. Tan Tao University has been established in Long An province with all her fundings gained over her life with tireless efforts...This is Vietnam¡¯s first university with non-profit objective, annually enrolling and granting scholarships to Hoa Trang Nguyen students under the trainings and consultation of leading and renowned professors in the United States. Hoa Trang Nguyen Prize launched in 2008 by Tan Tao Group have made great positive influences and become the top prestigious prize to encourage students to pursue.

During the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis, the time with various changes in land policies in 2005, and the world economic – financial crisis since 2008, Tan Tao Group, under her leadership, continues its wide and profound development and becomes widely known in the country and over the world. In the past years, the Group has been honored many times in the enterprise honoring events with prestigious awards of the State, the Government and provincial and city authorities in the areas invested by the Group. With her successes in management of a multi-sector Group and her endless efforts, she has been elected to become the Chair of Vietnam – US Business Forum (officially launched on April 08, 2010) and the Chair of the ASEAN Business & Investment Summit 2010 (ASEAN – BIS 2010)./.