OECD Intellectual Assets and Value Creation
Asia CEO’s Round Table: Leadership in Creative Economy
Digital Roundtable : Digital Infrastructures - Technological, Economic, Social and Regulatory Issues in the Digital Era
Finance Roundtable _ Asia: 10 years after the Crisis
OECD  Intellectual Assets and Value Creation

The shift towards a knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy has
brought to the fore the issue of how knowledge is created, disseminated, retained and used to obtain economic returns through effective innovation. Knowledge embodied in intellectual assets such as research and development, patents, human capital, software and organisational structures is becoming crucial for firms’ and countries’ economic performance and growth.

The OECD is leading efforts to understand better the contribution of intellectual assets to value creation at both the level of the enterprise and the whole economy, and how the two interact.

Key questions include:

· Many companies have been successful in R&D but either have failed to create value for themselves or have failed to maintain their position for very long. How do companies use effectively their intellectual assets to create value? What are the value drivers?

· Major technological and innovative companies are usually publicly listed but intellectual assets are seldom included on balance sheets and income statements. How can companies inform investors about their intellectual assets and their strategies for creating value so as to ensure appropriate market valuations?

· Human capital can be developed by both in-house training as well as through public institutions such as universities and job training programmes. What is the optimal balance? Is it changing?

· Policy makers should ensure that firms have the tools to retain and make the best use out of their intellectual assets through, for example, patent and copyright protection. On the other hand, they need to promote the mobility of human resources and the diffusion of knowledge. Have they got the balance right? Is the nature of the trade-off changing?


Dutta, Soumitra    Dean of External Relations and Roland Berger Chaired Professor of Business and Technology,  INSEAD
Johnson, Richard   Senior Partner,  Arnold & Porter LLP
Kirkpatrick, Grant   Senior Economist,  OECD
Shibasaka,Yoshiko   Senior Manager,  KPMG AZSA & Co
Lee, Kyung-Tae   President,  Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)

Asia  CEO’s Round Table: Leadership in Creative Economy

World-leading executives will discuss the business potential of Asia, the present conditions of Asian economies and increased competitiveness through the region’s structural changes. In a roundtable discussion of Asian and global firms - with a keen interest in investment in Asia - we will share experiences and solutions to a variety of issues.  

Dutta, Soumitra    Dean of External Relations and Roland Berger Chaired Professor of Business and Technology,  INSEAD
Lazarus, Shelly   Chairman & CEO,  Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
CHIN, Dae-je   CEO of Skylake Incuvest & Co , 
Narayanan, Lakshmi   President and Chief Executive Officer,  Cognizant Technology Solutions
Tatelman, Michael   Corporate Vice President,  Motorola Inc.

Digital  Roundtable : Digital Infrastructures - Technological, Economic, Social and Regulatory Issues in the Digital Era

What a wonderful world will we encounter in the near future of digital convergence? Or will we live in a chaotic whirl of technology without direction? Here, world leading digital experts and businessmen discuss the digital era's hot issues and prospects.

Paik, Son-U Michael    Partner,  Hanol Law Offices
Yamaguchi, Junshi   Executive Vice President,  NEC Electronics Corporation
Pashupathy, Kannan   Head of the International Engineering Operations team,  Google
Lee, Sirgoo   Vice President & General Counsel,  NHN

Finance  Roundtable _ Asia: 10 years after the Crisis

World leading finance experts and businessmen will discuss the prospects of the dollar and other monies, interest rates rising against inflation and the asset bubble, the finance market's outlook for 2007. Through a round table discussion involving world leading financial firms, we will share experiences and wisdom.

Park, Chul-Joon    Head of Asia-Pacific Private Equity Practice,  Bain & Company Korea
Colberg, Alan   Global Head of Financial Services Practice,  Bain & Company
BRITTAN, Leon   Vice Chairman ,  UBS Investment Bank
WATTS, Kevan   Vice Chairman,  Merrill Lynch International