Opening Plenary Creativity in Corporate Management
O E C D Plenary Partnership for Innovation
Plenary CEO’s Round Table : The Field Marshalls Trade Experiences
Financial Plenary Global Finance: Leaders Wanted
Creativity Plenary How Does Creativity Enable Us To Thrive As Individuals, Organizations, and Nations?
Opening Plenary  Creativity in Corporate Management

Value innovation through creativity is becoming the next big issue in corporate management. A major success symbol among 20th century businessmen, the former CEO of GE, Mr. Jack Welch, will provide us with his insights on the role of creativity in business, and the conditions to make a creative company. We will also attempt to find ways to reform Korean firms through Welch‘s business philosophy.  

De Meyer, Arnoud    Former Deputy Dean, Dean of Administration,  INSEAD
Welch, Jack   Former Chairman & CEO,  General Electric

O E C D Plenary  Partnership for Innovation

The modern economy works through continuous competition and complex economic cooperation between firms, consumers, the government, and other such economic bodies. Through this mechanism, efficiency and production increase and steady growth is achieved. However, in order to achieve further economic take-off, a knowledge based innovation must take place. An innovation is in need in all areas including the development of human resources and technological progress.  

De Meyer, Arnoud   Former Deputy Dean, Dean of Administration,  INSEAD
Lee, Kyung-Tae   President,  Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)
Schlogl, Herwig   Deputy Secretary General,  OECD

Plenary  CEO’s Round Table : The Field Marshalls Trade Experiences

World leading businessmen will discuss the business potential of Asia, the present conditions of Asian economies and increased competitiveness through structural changes. Through a round table discussion of Asian firms and global firms with a keen interest in investment in Asia, we will share experiences and solutions to different problems.  

Howell, Lee    Director, Head of Asia and Head of Global Agenda,  WEF
Jacobs, Paul   CEO,  QUALCOMM
Lee, Kim Yew   Managing Director,  Country Heights Holidays Berhad
Goodmanson, Richard   Exec. Vice President & COO,  DuPont

Financial Plenary  Global Finance: Leaders Wanted

Customer needs are getting more sophisticated and segmented; technology and regulations are facilitating the blurring of the boundaries between traditional banking and non-banking sectors; global players are expanding their geographic reach via M&A and alliances; local players are also gaining scale and geogrpahic/product scope. In this age of convergence and turbulence, how can global players become more successful in the local marketplace? At the same time, for the local players, how can they more effectively defend their position in the local market and, at the same time, successfully expand and grow outside of their traditional business?

This session will addresss:

- What are the key success factors for winning in the new and evolving environment in each local marketplace?
- How can global market leaders continue to grow their influence in the emerging markets?
- How can domestic /local players compete more effectively with global players ?
- Should/will global players and local players partner up to 'grow and share the pie' together or go for all or nothing?

Park, Chul-Joon    Head of Asia-Pacific Private Equity Practice,  Bain & Company Korea
De Backer, Philippe   Head of European Financial Services Practice,  Bain & Company
Kwon, Tae-Shin   Ambassador,  the Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Korea to OECD
WATTS, Kevan   Vice Chairman,  Merrill Lynch International
Parks, Ralph   Chairman,  JP Morgan Asia

Creativity Plenary  How Does Creativity Enable Us To Thrive As Individuals, Organizations, and Nations?

Numerous firms and institutions emphasize the importance of creativity. World leaders in creative thinking will discuss their research areas including the essence of creative thinking and how creative thinking influences academic inventions, discovery, and innovation.  

Isaksen, Scott G.    President and Senior Research Fellow,  The Creative Problem Solving Group, Inc
Dahlberg, Steven T.   General Manager,  Creative Education Foundation
Jeon, Kyung Won   Happy Creativity Institute CEO,  Gwangju University Professor