Opening Plenary Mapping Global Issues and Rebuilding Growth Strategy
O E C D Plenary Strengthening the Resilience of Asian Economies in the Global Context
Bain & Company Plenary I One Number You Need to Grow: the Power of Net-Promoters
Financial Plenary Upgrade of Korea’s Financial Industry: Vision and Strategy
Bain & Company Plenary II Convergence in Financial Industry - Opportunity or Threat?
Opening Plenary  Mapping Global Issues and Rebuilding Growth Strategy

Not a few people say the world economy has already seen light at the end of the tunnel. Attention is now paid to the sustainable recovery and even further development. Increase in productivity and demand is optimistic but jitters from war on terror, oil price, interest rate put dark cloud over corporate profits. Newly rising markets called BRICS might be afraid to go overheated. How should we look at the current environment? What are the hot global issues that world business leaders and experts have in mind? And what are their strategy and advice?  

Everaert, Pierre-Jean    Chairman,  InBev
Hwang, Chang Gyu   President & CEO,  Samsung Electronics
Kennedy, Paul   Professor,  Yale University
De Michelis, Gianni   Head of the Asem Task Force of the Italian MoFA,  President of the New Italian Socialist Party and Former Deputy Prime Minister of Italy
De Meyer, Arnoud   Former Deputy Dean, Dean of Administration,  INSEAD

O E C D Plenary  Strengthening the Resilience of Asian Economies in the Global Context

Given the scope and prospects for further liberalization and steady increases in trade and financial integration of Asian economies, the rapid growth and long-term productivity improvements that underpin the trend rise in Asia's share of the global economy seem set to continue. But the financial instability and the economic disruption experienced in the late 1990s are a reminder of the need to ensure steady improvements in the region's capacity to adapt to change and to adjust in the face of disturbances as economies become more complex and interlinked at both global and regional levels.  

Kang, Sabrina    Anchor and Correspondent,  CNBC Asia Pacific
Lee, Jong Wha   Professor,  Korea University
Atkinson, Paul   Deputy Director,  OECD
Mundell, Robert A.   Professor,  Columbia University
De Meyer, Arnoud   Former Deputy Dean, Dean of Administration,  INSEAD
Siew, Vincent C.   Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research,  Chairman

Bain & Company Plenary I  One Number You Need to Grow: the Power of Net-Promoters

A recent study by Bain & Company reveals a strong link between the percentage of customers enthusiastic enough to refer a friend to a business and differences in growth among competing companies. By substituting a single question-would your recommend this product or service to a friend?-for the complex black box of the typical customer satisfaction survey, companies can measure customer opinion more effectively. And tracking the number of customers who are promoters can focus employees on stimulating growth. Led by Frederick Reichheld, the world-renowned guru in the field of customer loyalty, this session will share classic wisdom on loyalty management and discuss how to use net-promoter data to improve day-to-day management.  

Shin, Thomas    Partner,  Bain & Company Korea
Kim, Sam   Partner,  Bain & Company Korea
Reichheld, Fred   Founder & Leader of Loyalty Practice / Bain Fellow,  Bain & Company

Financial Plenary  Upgrade of Korea’s Financial Industry: Vision and Strategy

In order to upgrade Korea’s financial industry to the level of western countries, it is quite necessary to resolve the industry’s unbalanced segment between the first and second tier institutions, and more importantly, to secure transparency and predictability in financial regulatory policies. The Korean government tries to abolish unnecessary regulations boldly, while introducing various supervising devices for prudential regulation. Industries and private research centers say that the market could draw more attention from investors with more luring systems such as tax breaks on interest earnings, lowering of thresholds to sell crossover products, and the introduction of a long-term estimation system on individual managers of stock investment at banks.
This program will help industry experts to envisage Korea’s financial industry after 10 years with the overall pictures suggested by representatives from government, banking community and consulting organization.

Yoon, Jeung-Hyun   Chairman, Financial Supervisory Commission,  Governor, Financial Supervisory Service
CHANG, Dae Whan   Founder and Chairman,World Knowledge Forum,  Maeil Business Newspaper and TV

Bain & Company Plenary II  Convergence in Financial Industry - Opportunity or Threat?

Financial boundaries are blurring and regulations are shaping to drive financial convergence. New channels are fast emerging in Korea, both technology-based and traditional off-line channels, and Korean customers are more ready then ever to adopt 'integrated services.' However, the Korean financial sector is underdeveloped and underperforming, almost 20 years behind US. What are the key factors that will accelerate or decelerate the convergence trend and what are the key success factors to win in this new environment?  

Bhatia, Vinit    Partner,  Bain & Company Korea
Park, Chul-Joon   Head of Asia-Pacific Private Equity Practice,  Bain & Company Korea
Tanner, Scott   Leader of Asia Financial Service Practice, Partner,  Bain & Company