The 2nd World Knowledge Forum, originally aimed at raising the importance of knowledge in the new economy and helping catalyze the process of value creation, will show you how to design enriched knowledge critical to well-being for all. We are pursuing global prosperity by sharing knowledge of the world and our efforts will be materialized under the theme of "Drawing Roadmap for Knowledge Economy and Global Prosperity."
Knowledge management is anything but a fad, while the knowledge workers and the knowledge community have become household names. What matters, however, is not the concentration on management theory but our practice to encourage individuals, companies and countries to move shoulder to shoulder toward prosperity of the world.
During the three-day forum, we will explore into changing directions in our perceptive work such as 'from teaching to learning' and 'from men to women' in the knowledge-based society. Our select knowledge design professionals will also delve into financial and technological fronts facing the new economy.

■Main Theme: Drawing Roadmap for Knowledge Economy and Global Prosperity Facing globalization of knowledge-driven economy, it becomes ever more critical for a nation and a corporation to be equipped with the capability of "knowledge use." It encompasses the whole process of knowledge creation, acquisition, dissemination and utilization through which we can build our future.