21st century is described as the Era of Knowledge by many prominent scholars including Peter Drucker, Lester Thurow, Paul Romer, etc. It will be a great challenge for policy makers and CEO's around the world to survive the emerging knowledge economy. The World Knowledge Forum is designed to give knowledge leaders in the world an opportunity to enjoy an insightful knowledge sharing meeting concerning their strategies on how to shape the knowledge era. Knowledge leaders will exchange their insight on ways of doing business in the knowledge era both at national and corporate level. In the Forum, you will be able to meet top Northeast Asian policy leaders coming from China, Japan and Korea and stretch your knowledge on Asian managers and Asian culture. About 100 honored guests and 600 attendees around the world will attend; potential partners with whom you can build your personal knowledge sharing network.


1. To invite global knowledge leaders including heads of states, international firms and bodies, specialists and present 'Knowledge Vision for the 21st century'.

2. To show knowledge development is the unique source for the mutual prosperity of mankind in the 21st century.

3. To do a bridging role for the knowledge age between developed countries and developing ones, and to suggest that the knowledge-driven economy is the sole way for a country to become more advanced one.

4. To establish Global Knowledge Sharing "Ba (Place)" in which global knowledge leaders take a participation and share their knowledge and create new knowledge by interaction.